Abstract Stylistics

The abstracts are usually written in a standard, cliched language, using buy college essay speech phrases like “great importance”, “special attention is paid”, “the question is raised”, “making the following conclusions”, “the problem under study,” the “question”, etc. .
The linguistic and stylistic features of abstracts include words and phrases of speech that are generalizing in nature, verbal clich├ęs. They, as a rule, are characterized by vaguely personal sentences, abstract nouns, specific and scientific terms peculiar to the problem under study, slang words, participial and participial phrases.
The abstracts have a special logic of presentation of the material and explanation of the thought, a certain objectivity of the presentation of the material. All this is due not to the scantiness of the author’s vocabulary, but to the uniqueness of the language of abstracts (especially narrowly specialized directions, where jargonisms, specific terms and turns predominate).

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